How To Get Devoured by Mosquitoes in the Eastern Sierras: A Guide

“They’re voracious little bastards, aren’t they?” I ask as I smash one into my forehead. “Yeah, they sure are.” Lynne replies, seemingly unperturbed. They’re buzzing around my ears, going up my nose, biting me on the back of my neck… Slapping myself all over trying to assuage the attack, I’m encased in a dark cloud … Continue reading How To Get Devoured by Mosquitoes in the Eastern Sierras: A Guide

Sonoma County 4 Peaks FKT

Gear: Nathan hydration packAltra Lonepeak 4 waterproof trailrunning shoesMizuno shorts and shirt Fuel: Nuun hydration tabletsClif barsClif Shot BloksLara Bars “You know why I love FKTs?” “Why’s that?” asked Jason. “Because it gets us out on trails that we otherwise may never have seen. I love that.” “You should put that in your blog.” Jason … Continue reading Sonoma County 4 Peaks FKT

The love of the process

I am an athlete. Sometimes I struggle with this identity. This label. I mean, I’m not exactly out there breaking big records. I’m not winning races. In fact, I tend to be a middle-of-the-pack kind of runner. I’m not blowing people’s minds with my climbing ability. I’m a top-rope hero if there ever was one … Continue reading The love of the process

Bay to Ridge Trail FKT

Never in my life would I have thought that I would be chasing FKT’s. For those who don't know: FKT is the abbreviation for Fastest Known Time. You can set an FKT by being the fastest to ever run or hike a chosen route. Essentially, it’s a speed record. There are several different classifications for … Continue reading Bay to Ridge Trail FKT