Sonoma County 4 Peaks FKT

Gear: Nathan hydration packAltra Lonepeak 4 waterproof trailrunning shoesMizuno shorts and shirt Fuel: Nuun hydration tabletsClif barsClif Shot BloksLara Bars “You know why I love FKTs?” “Why’s that?” asked Jason. “Because it gets us out on trails that we otherwise may never have seen. I love that.” “You should put that in your blog.” Jason … Continue reading Sonoma County 4 Peaks FKT

The love of the process

I am an athlete. Sometimes I struggle with this identity. This label. I mean, I’m not exactly out there breaking big records. I’m not winning races. In fact, I tend to be a middle-of-the-pack kind of runner. I’m not blowing people’s minds with my climbing ability. I’m a top-rope hero if there ever was one … Continue reading The love of the process

Bay to Ridge Trail FKT

Never in my life would I have thought that I would be chasing FKT’s. For those who don't know: FKT is the abbreviation for Fastest Known Time. You can set an FKT by being the fastest to ever run or hike a chosen route. Essentially, it’s a speed record. There are several different classifications for … Continue reading Bay to Ridge Trail FKT